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Packaged Plant Systems

Through its production facility in Leicester, Smart Valves & Controls manufactures a variety of packaged plant systems in association with our design and consultancy service. Packages such as Hot Water and Condensate Pumping Systems are mounted on a skid/frame that is ready to be lifted into position. Recent larger projects included providing a containerised boilerhouse system for the 9 million expansion project of Cauldron Foods at Portbury Docks, Bristol.

Packaged hot water systems provide accurately controlled hot water, using saturated steam as the heating medium. Each unit comes with steam conditioning, pressure reducing station, temperature control, safety equipment and effective condensate removal. Applications include wash down systems, basin water, office heating, cooking vessels, and industrial washers.

Packaged condensate recovery systems provide reliable condensate handling to ensure overall system and plant efficiency. Smart Valves & Controls designs and builds standard systems or if preferred can produce a bespoke unit to meet customer requirements now and with future expansion in mind. Each system is designed to remove condensate under all operating conditions and ready for connection to existing services.

The packaged systems are produced using the quality of material necessary for safe steam handling. Receivers, frame and pipework are carbon steel or stainless steel. Heat exchangers, temperature sensor, gauge and isolation valves are 316l stainless steel. Steam equipment has cast steel or SG iron body material. Condensate equipment is Class 800 carbon steel or SG iron. Each system is supplied with GA and electrical diagrams, installation, operating and maintenance manuals.

Smart Valves & Controls can also offer the customer turnkey solutions, taking projects from the inception and consultation stage through design, build, installation and commissioning. Each system is unique by design and the company's portfolio gives record of some impressive achievements in the steam industry. Testing standards are of the highest importance, and Smart Valves & Controls' experience of the new PED classification is invaluable to customers, maintaining all the correct procedures and documentation via liason with notified testing bodies.
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